When I heard her 5 years ago at the Indianapolis Pride Festival, I do not think I imagined Lizzo gaining over 23.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify today. Not because she wasn’t a great performer then, but simply because I was not expecting myself to have a “I saw them when” moment. 

On Oct. 16, I had the pleasure of seeing Lizzo in action again at The United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Without a shadow of a doubt, Lizzo put on a spectacular show, from her powerhouse voice to her enthusiastic dance moves. 

In line with ‘Lizzo: The Special Tour,’ she encouraged fans to do affirmations with her and also took the opportunity to have an engaging mid-concert chat with the audience. Most of her songs are focused on self-love and body positivity, such as “Good as Hell,” “About Damn Time” and “Special.” 

Not only is Lizzo blessed with strong vocals, she has the ability to incorporate a number of genres into her own music. From pop and hip hop, to soulful high notes and R&B tones, Lizzo moved through genres with ease during her performance. Lizzo also brought out her flute towards the end of the concert, which was met with much applause from the crowd. 

While Lizzo’s vocals are typically the star of the show, her dance moves are of just as much note. With plenty of ass shaking and many sparkly wardrobe changes, her concert was not just a performance, but rather an experience.  

Her next concert is Oct. 20 at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Lizzo has over 10 more stops on her tour and she is definitely worth every penny.  

Lizzo belts out a long note during a dance sequence at her concert on Oct. 16.

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